Barbara Langdon Ganley DeJonghe


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Barbara was a single Mom of three children, Richard, Karen, and Mark. In the early years she supported them by driving a school bus in Long Island New York. She struggled with alcohol and drug abuse until her early 30’s when she became a “Born Again Christian” and started a lifelong relationship with God. Due to a young passionate pastor, Carl Johnson, Barbara became very involved at her local church, Gracepoint Gospel Fellowship Church, in New City, New York. She was instrumental in numerous outreach programs to include a Women’s Prison Ministry, which she became a dedicated volunteer to this ministry for over thirty years. Her goal was to help women find inner healing through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. She believed that no life was beyond the reach of God’s power, and believed that all people could be redeemed, restored, and reconciled through the love of Jesus. In 2005, due to chronic illness Barbara was forced to reduce her volunteer actives, although she stayed actively involved through the telephone even while she was in the Hospital. Towards the end it was good to know that Barbara had a lot of support from her pastor, the church, and God. She left this world to be with the Lord on August 17th, 2013 at the age of 71.