A Poem Written In Remembrance of Parker

My parents loved me

from the moment I was concieved

they guided me protected me

and taught me how to achieve.

My short span of memories

flash from here to there

from the truck & the boat

to the cool winters air.

Something is telling me

to go towards the light

my little body is telling me

something's not right.

Should I go or should I stay

I hear my mommy starting to pray

then out of the light

comes a strong little hand

the face of an angel

helping me understand.

I knew him at once

and followed his lead

I felt his love

and knew I'd be feed.

As we rose above

my thoughts went to Aaliyah mom and dad

I was assured by my brother

that they would be glad.

Cayden was with me

showing me the way 

guiding me and loving me

without dismay.

My time here was short

and I was young

I know my loved ones

will carry on.

Their lives all been changed

by knowing me and loving me

my time here on Earth

was what it was supposed to be.

Parker Lee Eaton

Parker Lee Eaton was born on August 18, 2011 in Dubois, PA. Parker started his life as an angel sent to us to bring joy back into our lives. Parker had traveled all over the United States and loved to fly in planes or the big trucks with his daddy. His love for cars sometimes got him into trouble like on Father's Day when he wanted a friend's collectable car set to play with, he knocked down the shelves trying to get to them. Many fond memories like this are all that are left of Parker. Such a happy baby from the start, he could warm the heart of anyone with just a look. Unfortunately, on June 29, 2013 Parker drowned and passed away on July 3, 2013. Parker has saved lives through organ donation and continues to save more children's lives through downing prevention & awareness.

By Jessica Schmidt

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